Angular Momentum

The rotary pulse is a physical conservation size, which says, that every rotating body saves and emits the rotary pulse, once the rotation is slower. With other words it means, that a body has to be dispensed with a rotary pulse before he can rotate. Same at this exhibit. You have to dispense a rotary pulse to the exhibit, by turning it.

Angular Momentum Carousel

By the rotation you can experience the moving space as a room of invisible working powers on your own body. We are defeated to the rules of the worlds gravity and with help of it we are able to straighten up in the vertical axis. This visualises the importance of a straighten posture. The one who is hanging out, can rotate just slowly around his own axis. Furthermore, you can learn to avoid dizziness on this rotation disk. 

Balance Disc

From the lack of moving our balance senses are receded a lot. You can experience this, when you lose your balance on the disc by closing your eyes.

Ball Ballet

The oscillation time is guided by the length of the pendulum. When for example a pendulum needs two seconds for an oscillation and another three seconds, for a short moment both of them swing equal- when they are started at the same time- after six seconds. Here, the lengths are balanced, so you can watch occasionally- by watching the whole lace- undulations.

Building Blocks

Goal of this experiment is to build the four blocks on the plate, so they protrude as far as possible over the lower plate, without going down.

First Despite the Detour

Three balls are started simultaneously to reach the goal on different running ways. Through the given pathway forms, the balls do not reach their collecting container at the same time. The ball on the pathway, which falls in the beginning and increases later, got the highest average speed and reaches the goal first, though he has the longest way.

First Generation Engine V 310

The visitor has to connect the hose mutually to the plunger casing, to stimulate the plunger to evenly reciprocation motions. Thereby he has to bear in mind, that he changes the access point of each death point. The more he is self-controlled, the faster runs the plunger or the disk.  The hose attachment is unproblematic and easy for kids too, for example per conical or otherwise suitable hose attachments, which is plugged and easily removed on the accordingly attachment without interlocking or buckling.

Gravity Funnel

Through a small ramp of the funnel, a coin is brought to a fast orbit. Coins or balls are moving similar in the funnel, like planets and comets on the way around the sun. There are circular and oval ways with different speeds, depending on the start direction and the speed in the beginning. At the end the coins revolve close to horizontally, before they fall into a container in the centrum of the funnel.

Hydraulic Stool

Two or three hydraulic coupled stools are vertical movable. Different piston diameters cause, that light persons can press up heavier persons. 

Jump Scale

By jumping and especially by impinging gets clear, how hard muscles and tendons are encumbered- but also, how to encumber them less by clever behaviour. On a big weigh area you are animated to do a jump („How long can you stay in the air?“). 

Large Click-Clack

With the help of big steel balls the known desktop experiment is an impressive and aesthetic eyecatcher. The directly experiment materialized in some extent the sentence of the conservation of the pulse. The evenly “klick klack” makes a pleasant background sound. Earlier they thought, that the moving is consumed with time.

Pendlum Table

The plate expatiates oscillations to the front and the rear, to the left and the right. Furthermore, there can be stimulated a turn oscillation. The motions of the oscillations overlie. Because the stirring times are mutually agreed, almost closed curves emerge.


It is hard to lift a weight without pulley. With the pulley it is clearly easier, but the rope has to be dragged a lot more forward. The sandbag hangs on several rope sections. Each one contributes just a part of the weight.

Pulley (laying)

Drag heavy loads easily! Without pulley it is really difficult, to drag a weight. With a pulley it is a lot easier. Here applies the golden rule of mechanics: “What is saved in force, has to be put in the way.”

Race Tracks

Not always is the shortest way the fastest! In close proximity to the goal, the balls have the same speed, but the time, which they need to pass the pathways is different. This is destined by the average speed. In the beginning the acceleration is the highest at the steep pathway, so the ball achieves a bigger average speed and the ball reaches the goal as the first, though he has the longest way.

Resonance Pendulum

In a big, massive rack of metals hangs a steel rope. As pendulum a heavy iron ton. On the outer railing are little magnets attached with a cord. The visitor tries to throw the magnets on the barrel and afterwards putting the pendulum into oscillation by dragging slightly. This can just happen when you drag with a little strength, otherwise the magnet detaches from the barrel. The dragging brings the pendulum to another moving, when the drag happens in the right moment, in the resonance case. As resonance are called, processes in the physics, where a oscillation capable system with its own frequency is stimulated by an energy supply.

Roll Race

Three circular bodies with the same weight roll to the bet: A massive cylinder, a hollow cylinder and two discs, which are connected through an axis. Who wins?

Rolling Uphil

A ball is running downstairs if the balance point is sliding so that the potential energy is getting smaller. Is that here the same? Actually, the lane is rising. If you now pull both bars apart from each other, the point of support starts moving to the middle roll axis. As a result of this the balance point falls down.

Same-Time Track

A race with an unexpected outcome! Two balls start at the same time from the same or different positions. On the straight railways, starting on the same position, the balls reach the final destination at the same time. When they start simultaneously from different positions they reach the goal one after another. The balls on the curved railway are going to reach the goal at the same time, although they start from different positions.

Spinning Seat

Circles are familiar to us since our childhood. Toy circles are mostly build around an axis. The physics from a circle goes far beyond the toy. A spinner is a body, which is stiff and turns around an axis through the main focus. By the moment vacant circle, which is turning around his figure axis, the direction is stationary in the room. 

Walkable Arch

Can an arch carry the weight from a human? From individual modules you can build a bridge arch.