We get the information about our environment from our senses. But only after processing all the information do we get a picture or impression of our environment - various sense work together here, to gather and process the information. The exhibits of the exhibition Illusion only emphasize one aspect or our perception. It means that you can experience different phenomena that make simple things look very differently in another context.

Colourful light changes White sheets, an odd frame makes someone wonder how big the turning sqaure actually is, while the crooked floor of the Crooked Cabin confuses the sense of balance.

The following exhibits are part of the exhibition:


EuroScience GmbH

Year of first exhibition:
2010 / additions were made continuously

EuroScience GmbH

Scenery Construction / Exhibition Construction:
EuroScience GmbH / Tischlerei Mau / Metallbau Hennisge

Advertising Media:
Andreas Cziepluch


Logistics / Operator:
EuroScience GmbH

Owner / Possessor:
EuroScience GmbH