The FoxyFox ist the ultimative exhibition experience for explorers and shrewd heads. During the complete exhibition the visitor is assisted by the FoxyFox. He does not just explain the fascinating experiments and phenomenons. Also, he shows how to find them at home. For clever and committed foxes, there are cool experiments to try at home as well. You can run through the exhibition with all your inquisitive senses.

Among others, the following exhibits are part of the exhibition (more are following):

April Age
Biomotion Lab
Block and Tackle
Bucket Radio
Chaotic Pendulum
Cola Light
Coriolis Fountain
Cylinder Mirror
Crank of Energy
Electric Fleas
Frozen Shadows
How Many Bears
Momentum Catapult
Nozzle Effect
Potter's Wheel
Rising Bubbles
Rising Sound
Sultan's Amulet
The Indian Rope Trick
Theatre of Shadows
Town of Shadows
Walk-In Soap Bubble
Water Juggler