Try It - Fascinating Physics

The many activity areas make it easy for the visitor to approach the fasciating world of physics. It is a familiar world that will, never the less, fill you with wonder.

Together with friends and family one can guess why one plate feels apparently colder than the other or why the ball with the longest way reaches the finishing line first.

The following exhibits are part of the exhibition:

Braille Alphabet
Slanting Chair
Angular Momentum
Same Time Track
Hyperbolic Slot
Ball Ballet
Turning Heads
Moiré Patterns
Möbius Strip
Pendulum Table
Pupil Observation
Sensing Temperature
First Despite the Detour
Tower of Hanoi


Customer: EuroScience GmbH

Year of first exhibition:
2012 / additions were made continuously

EuroScience GmbH

Scenery construction / Exhibition construction:
EuroScience GmbH / Tischlerei Mau / Metallbau Hennisge

Advertising Media:
Andreas Cziepluch

Logistics / Operator:
EuroScience GmbH

Owner / Possessor:
EuroScience GmbH