The Art of Mosaic

The visitor recreates the patterns with coloured acrylic plates or creates his own patterns. Whether according to the rules of symmetry or freely according to form and color - creativity does not set limits! 

In the other light

At this exhibit, visitors can see through different coloured foils. The space behind it immerses itself in a new hue. How is the world perceived in blue, green or pink?


The many color cubes, patterns, color gradations or images can be placed freely. The free play leaves a lot of room for imagination and the joy of experimentation. Not only in the area can exciting colour gradients be laid, but also in height, coloured patterns can become towers.

Mixed color CMY

This computer exhibit aims to adjust the values by changing the three color controllers cyan, magenta and yellow so that the area in the center has the same color as the default border.  

Mixed color RGB

RedGreen Blue - Color Mixing
On a smartphone or on this exhibit monitor, the colors are created by the smallest dots that glow red, green and blue. The brightness of these light points must be adjusted so that the area in the center is the same color as the edge. 

Subtractive colored mixture

Here, the phenomenon of subtractive color mixing can be recreated using the foils. The visitor can move two of the three foil frames freely from left to right, creating new colours from the overlapping basic colours cyan, magenta and yellow.

Topic Glasscabinet

In the showcase is a bucket of paint with an info text explaining the slide show above it on the digital picture frame. It expresses the understanding and interrelationship in the creative moment. While at first one sees only a seemingly random combination of lines, through the use of color these become recognizable shapes that together form an overall picture.