Light diffraction / Interference color

Light is beamed at a transparent CD. On the area below, a circular  rainbow-colored play of light is created. By changing the position of the CD, it can be influenced how intensely the light phenomenon can be seen.

Dissecting light

A prism filled with water is in the light. When you circle the object, all sorts of rainbow colors become visible in the right angle.

Colorful Pressure / Polarisation

Various objects (geo-triangle, foil, etc.) are available to the visitor, which are placed on the light table. The polarization film is then rotated. Here light waves are polarized by two filters, i.e. each in the same direction of vibration. If the filters cross, what else remains hidden becomes visible.

Soap mirror

This exhibit stands in the dark room to highlight the emerging effect. After the ring has been sunk into soap mixture, it is illuminated by a light source and projected enlarged to the canvas by a magnifying glass. The illuminated soap bubble works both as a mirror and as a filter and makes rainbow colors visible on the canvas.


At this exhibit in the dark room, the sunrise and sunset can be simulated with its color gradients. 
Due to the up and down cranking of the lamp (sun) in front of the water basin, it shines differently by the clear and cloudy water in the glass shape (atmosphere). 

Magical glass

The visitor moves a lamp to illuminate different colored magic glasses from both sides one after the other. You can choose between five glasses with different colour combinations.