The world of colours is big, vibrant and colorful!   The interactive exhibition "Colour Games" is dedicated to the multifaceted topic of color and invites visitors to playfully learn about their own perception of light and colours. Whether visitors are amazed by scientific phenomena, sharpen their senses or develop their creativity - the focus is always on independent discovery and experimentation. The exhibition is designed by EuroScience GmbH in close coordination with ECE and consists 30 exhibits, including 1 large exhibit and 2 scenery rooms.

These will be divided into four thematic areas:

Senses - Physics - Perception - Creativity.

Strong color accents make it easy to distinguish between the individual areas, so that it is easy to link the knowledge content for each main topic.

Through a careful selection of exhibits, the diversity and importance of the topic of "color" in everyday life becomes clear and can be experienced by every age group.