Color contrast

In this graphic exhibit the visitor compares two different colored surfaces and when pulling away a stencil, he finds out that the hues are the same. They only appear different in their surroundings.

Color wheel

By turning the wheel slowly you can observe how the hues change with the lighting. Behind each window of the triangle sits a different light source, which has a different color spectrum. The same red can therefore appear quite warm or cool.  

Colored shadows

Here, white and blue/green/red light is pointed at a white surface. If you hold your hand a few centimetres over the surface, it casts two shadows on it - one of each lamp. Astonishingly, a purple shimmering shadow appears where the light of the green lamp is shielded, but the white light still shines! The blue-white lamp combination provides a yellow shadow.


This exhibit is given either a color combination or a sequence. The visitor tries to memorize them and then reproduce them via the color buttons. After the selected challenge (5 different difficulty levels are available), either the buttons in the same positions or the buttons with the same colors must be pressed in the correct order.

Name the colours

The colors of the font are to be recited in turn. Concentration is needed; most people are more likely to read the text instead of naming the colors independently of the word. 


Through the opening on the turntable, the visitor can see a red tree on a green background and then a black area. When the white surface of the turntable appears in his field of vision, he sees the inverted image.

Room of colors

This room exhibit can represent the color of your clothing changed. On a touch monitor embedded in the wall, different shades can be selected in which the whole room is immersed. Thus, the pictures on the wall or objects in the room look completely different with each color.

Shady side

In this graphic exhibit, colored surfaces that are actually identical suddenly look different. The image of a cube with different color fields or light and shadow pages suggests certain color values. By dragging the hole template from right to left, your perception can be checked. 

Ultra violet room

In this room exhibit, everything that is bright is brought to light. When showing your teeth, a broad grin is made to glow by ultraviolet radiation, also called black light.