Organic waste

Not all garbage is the same and so there is a separate waste garbage can for almost every type of waste. But what can go into the organic waste garbage can and does all food decompose? One look in the garbage can and the questions are quickly answered.

Residual waste

Sorting plants can sort faster and more efficiently by pre-sorting the waste at home. However, the residual waste can only be partially recycled. But how it is recycled can be read on a rotating panel located inside this residual waste garbage can.

Paper waste

Every day we use it and a lot of it ends up in the trash: paper. The "Blue Angel" is an environmental label of the German government and shows that the paper is made from 100% recycled paper and without hazardous chemicals. Germany's paper recycling rate is over 70%. But how can paper waste still be reduced?

Bulky goods

Bulky items are often old household appliances that cannot be disposed of in the residual waste garbage can due to their size. Often you can register the collection free of charge, or deliver the bulky goods to one of the appropriate recycling centers.

Packaging waste

The yellow bag or yellow garbage can is the waste container for light packaging made of plastic, metal or composite materials. With the packaging waste the correct separation is very important, since from the individual products new ones can arise. Whether the green dot is still current, or what happens to the separated waste, can be read in the trash can.

Thermal waste recycling

If waste cannot be recycled, it is thermally recovered in incinerators. But what is obtained from thermal waste recycling?

Mistakes in waste separation

Separate garbage properly is not so easy, because sometimes the materials can not be easily identified, or are processed into several materials. As a result, many materials end up in the wrong garbage. But which objects are put in the wrong garbage? Is it the waste paper? Or is it the CDs and DVDs?

Garbage separation game

With the useful information in the exhibits can be checked in this game his knowledge itself. To do this, take the appropriate coins, which contain an illustration and sort them into the correct trash can. But care must be taken that the garbage does not end up in the wrong trash can!