Used batteries

Recycling is very important because natural resources are not infinite. Batteries contain toxic heavy metals, so they must be disposed of separately. At many points of sale you will find a return box.

Waste glass

Why should glass be recycled and what kind of trash should the lids go in? These and other questions are answered at bottle turntables in the garbage can.

Old light bulbs

The better the recyclables are separated, the better they can be recycled. The energy-saving lamps fall under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act and must therefore not be disposed of in household waste. They can be disposed of in small quantities at collection points.

Waste electrical equipment

The recycling of electrical appliances relieves the environment, as they are highly contaminated with pollutants such as lead, cadmium and mercury. But where can the small old electrical appliances be handed in and where the big ones? This and other information provides information on waste electronic equipment.

Used cell phones

Often, waste is processed so that the components can be reused as such. Old cell phones contain many valuable raw materials that can be recovered. Old cell phones can also be disposed of in this box.