Data Twin

In this computer exhibit the visitor can experience how unique he is.

Average Speed

In this exhibit the visitor has to determine the average speed from the car.

Galton Board

The „Galton Board“  is a mechanical model to show the binominal distribution from a probability distribution, which got a role in many random experiments.

Somewhere in the World

We are trying to understand, asses and foresee happenings in the world with the help of statistics.

Quantities/ Chance

Quantity ratios are going to be represented figuratively. Between many yellow balls are some black balls, which constitute one percent of the total amount in the cylinder.

Two in a row

The birthday paradox is a good example, that determined possibilities are often wrong assesed: When there are at least 23 persons in a room, the chance is bigger than 50%, that two persons or more celebrate their birthday on the same day.

 (C) Philipp Tonn Fotografie