12 Node-Cord

Here you can apply the Pythagorean theorem and construct a perpendicular triangle with the twine.


To connect both of the different views into a construction, it is necessary to have spatially envisioning.

Form Table

Daily we are using many geometrical forms. The most of the subjects are so familiar to us, that we can just name the product instead of the geometrical form.


The british architect Christopher Wren (1632-1722) was the first person knowing, that a hyperboloid can be covered with straights. There are many such constructions in the modern architecture e.g. cooling towers.


The Pythagorean theorem is one of the fundamental sentences in the two dimension geometry. It says, that the length of each side in every perpendicular triangle stands in relation to each other.

Pythagoras to Lay

In the Pythagorean theorem the sum of the kathete square two matches with the square of the hypotenuse.

Rotating Shapes I+II

Rotating bodies encounter often in Art and technic. Astonishingly the arched bodies can have a surface out of straight lines.

(C) Philipp Tonn Fotografie

Cutting Ring

The margins of the different intersections from geometrical bodies are going to be visible here.

Mirror Book

In this exhibit there are two mirror tiles connected to a “book”. One of the two sides is free to move.