Draught's Problem

On an 8x8 field big chessboard eight Ladies have to be positioned, so two ladies can not beat each other.


A Dodekaeder is a platonic body, which surface consists out of twelve congruent pentagons. In this exhibit all vertices have to be connected. Where each edge can be visited just one time and the threads do not cross each other. The detected way is the classical „Hamilton-Weg”. That is a way round, which includes every intersection one time.

Euler's Lines

The mathematician Leonhard Euler discovered in the year 1736, that a graph (lines, which connect different vertices) can be drawn threw a closed Line, when in all vertices an even number of lines matches.

Pack Your Suitcase

By packing the luggage or store the purchasing in the car you need to have the right technique to really place everything. A classical task to optimize.


Squares or rectangular forms are fitting perfectly on each other and are able to cover complete areas. This is not possible with circles- you can only pack them as close as possible. Mathematicians are interested how to place a number of even panes, so they do not overlap each other but also have minimal spaces between them.

Railway Shunting

The train can drive through the tunnel. The wagons can not. The task is to shunt and change the order of the wagons.


Four T’s. All of them have the same length, the same wide, the same thick. They have the same colour, the same size and also in every single little detail, they are equal. All together fit in a round frame.

Four Colours

The four-colour-sentence is a mathematical sentence. It says, that four colours always suffice to color a map, that no adjacent countries are in the same colour. The phrase is used in the graph theory, the topology and cartography.