Teamwork & Communication


Braille Alphabet

The rivets keyboard consists of wood and is issued loose on the desktop. It is fitted with stainless steel rivets. The wall in the middle is double- sided laminated with the braille and possesses a curtain as privacy screen.

Crack the Code

On a desk with an integrated monitor the visitor can easily use the keyboard and the mousepad. The matching computer is locked below the console and saved from damage. In the exhibition the exhibit can be constructed as required, so in the front and in the back of each monitor is a keyboard and a mousepad to bring two computer exhibits into the exhibition. So each side of the exhibit can be used, for example for speech synthesis.

Tower of Team Power

Collaborative work boosts the solidarity. Goal of the game is to pile up the wooden blocks or to break down the tower. The blocks have to be placed in the middle. Everyone takes the string in his hand and tensions the string firm, so the bracket is oriented. To pile up, the bracket has to be hung up in the nut, raised and positioned. Everything with combined strength! You have to watch what the others do.