Light and colors

Generally, the Human feels great pleasure in colors. The eye requires them, as it needs the light.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Colourful Shadows

Our vision system tries to get the real colour of subjects autonomous, while calculating the lighting colour off- like the white balance of a camera. With more than one lighting colour our vision system is overstrained. Here white and green light is directed on a white area. When you are holding your hand some centimetres over the area, it casts two shadows- from each lamp one. In a more amazing way appears a violet shadow there, where the light of the green lamp is shielded, but the white lamp is shining! The combination of the lamps blue and white gives a yellow shadow.

Colourful Woods

By turning the disks, appears an optical mixture of the colours, which are attractive and stimulating. Also, aspects of the theory of colours are experienced by the five colour circles. In extended form colour circles, according to Goethe and Schopenhauer up to Hölzel, can be compared.


Concave Mirror

Here comes a funny optical module, which you absolutely have to hold in different amounts, so the youngest have their fun too! If you stay really close to the mirror, you can see your face clearly bigger. When you remove yourself slowly, the image on the mirror gets bigger and bigger, till the picture turns over: the mirror image of your face is upside down with increasing distance smaller.

Crystal Tower

On all of the three sides of a narrow pillar are in each case three triple mirrors in different orientations. Like the “cat eye”- reflector they shade the incoming light in the same direction back, so you can see yourself in the middle of the triple mirror- independent from where you are looking into it.

Cylinder Mirror

A concave mirror creates enlarged, virtual pictures. A cylinder glass shows this effect just in one direction: the image is contorted in the horizontal direction, that means the height stays the same, but because of the extreme curvature changes the breadth. On the back is an arched mirror with the same curvature and size. Here you can watch the reversed effects.

Distorting Mirror

Mirrors with an undulatory surface distort a picture in a special sage: Zones which are arched (concave) to the inside, that enlarge, switch with convex outside curvatures. The picture changes with the distance to the mirror.

Frozen Shadows

Our shadow: A daily, reliable attendant, which participates all of our movements easily. In this big exhibit the proverb “Jumping over the own shadow”, gets a new meaning. You outwit your shadow an let it “freeze”.

Glimpse of Infinity

This first inconspicuous seeming exhibit moves you into its spell after the first perspective. You look through one of the openings in a sheer endless mirror walk and will be amazed about the numbers of your own mirror image. And: when you move the opening plate slightly there is movement in the game!

"Grüne Hexe" (means: Green Witch)

Do just special letters are turned? On the upper area lays a movable plate with several words in black and coloured letters. When the plate is moved from one side to another and the text is watched through the cylinder, the black words are readable, but the coloured are upside down. Which role plays the colourfulness?


The Word Kaleidoscope arrived out of the Hellenic and means as many as “see beautiful”. Again, and again appear new pictures for the “seer” in this pivoted and aesthetic designed exhibit. A game, what already fascinated young and old generations.

Large Kaleidoscope

A big, horizontal laying kaleidoscope is stored in eye level. The surrounding area serves as picture template from which a small section- turned and mirrored again and again- split up to a limitless seeming picture. By turning the kaleidoscope reveals continual new and surprisingly views.

Magic Illusion

A tricky illusion with two mirrors. The concave mirrors are facing each other. In the lower mirror is a subject inserted.  Uppermost is a virtual picture produced, which is viewable from different perspectives. Who wants to get a bonbon, comes unfortunately away empty- handed!

Mirror Column

To write the own name in sand is more a relaxed activity. Though it is required, that the text is readable in the cylindrical mirror in the middle. To consider the mirror image thereby is so irritating, that the drawing from a straight line itself is a competition!

Mirror Drawing

From the view of the drawer the mirror reverses the front and the aft, but not left and right. This makes it difficult to follow the given line. Also, you know in which direction the form goes, the hand does not perform the intended movement.

Moiré Patterns

Lapping grids with the same division are twisted against each other. By printing, watching TV, scanning and other image creating grid procedures, occur the Moiré effects. When the subject grids are dispersed, for example by clothes or when it is already a grid or a pixel picture.

Spy Mirror

Behind a half permeable mirror is a camera, which cannot be seen, because of the mirrored glass cover. A monitor shows the from the camera provided picture. At the push of a button the area behind the mirror is lightened, so the half permeability of the mirror and the camera can be seen.

Striped Mirror

To mix faces can create very funny and astonishing pictures. In the computer technology it is named “Morphing”. In the easy form, with mirror stripes is the development of the pictures simple and understandable- and can get many laughs.

Subtractive Colour Mix

Three wheels are installed side by side, and a third in the inside is covered with a foil in a different colour: Cyan, Magenta and yellow. Those three colours form the basic colours of the subtractive colour mixing, which is for example used in inkjet printers.

Turning/Revolving Mirror

A simple mirror apparent interchanges left and right, the view is “back- to front”. Two mirrors, which stay in a right angle to each other, reflect the mirror image again: so, it appears right. You can yourself like the person who stands towards you. But what happens, when the side correct mirror is turned?

Walk-In Kaleidoscope

We all know the kaleidoscope as a pipe with three mirrors, where you can watch colourful snippets or liquids. Here one to two persons can stand in the middle of the mirror triangle and watch the own mirror image endless.

Walk-In Soap Bubble

Here are you in the centre- enveloped by a big bubble. Around you billows a dedicate entity, which shimmers in all rainbow colours.